The Science and Environmental Education Laboratories of the IPN are places where academic and experimental activities are carried out to promote the acquisition of knowledge. Also to strengthen scientific skills that lead to know the world around them to awaken interest and curiosity in addition to generate relevant changes in their students, teachers, and trainee teachers.

For the proper functioning of science laboratories, it is important to know the biosafety standards and the requirements for their application.


The scope applies to the facilities of the different laboratories of Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Physics, Natural Sciences and Environmental Education of the IPN.


To implement an active learning strategy that offers students from the different academic communities of the IPN the development of experimental practices or school research that provide scientific knowledge and strengthen scientific, logical, and technological skills and competencies and teamwork.


Laboratory Coordinator

A teacher in the Natural Sciences division in charge of planning, organizing, and executing the operation in addition to the required procedures within the dynamics of laboratory management.

Laboratory Assistant

a member of the IPN staff, in charge of accompanying the operation and procedures within the management dynamics of the laboratory, with specific tasks.


They are the people of the Natural Sciences division of the IPN in charge of carrying out academic and experimental activities in the laboratories, following the current regulations.

Trainee Teachers (MEF)

Students from UPN and/or higher education institutions who are in academic programs and are performing their educational practice at IPN.

IPN Students

Pupils from different academic communities of the IPN, distributed as follows:

  • C-1: Preschool: kindergarten and transition.
  • C-2: first, second and third grades.
  • C-3: fourth and fifth grades.
  • C-4: sixth and seventh grades.
  • C-5: eighth and ninth grades.
  • C-6- Middle School: tenth and eleventh grades.
  • C-7- Special Education: N1 to N4.

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