Services provided at the Academic Secretary’s Office:

  • Study records.
  • Conduct Certificates (copy of the observer is not given).
  • Grades Certificates.
  • Individual grade certificates.
  • Diploma duplicates.
  • Forms for educational assistance before compensation funds or companies.
  • Integra Platform codes and passwords.
  • Verification of high school diplomas.
  • School Retreats.
  • Integra Platform Enablement.
  • Receipt of documents in the process of registration and enrollment, according to dates established by the School Administration.

The Academic Secretary’s Office is NOT responsible for: institutional student mails; payment receipts of any kind; SIMAT retirements; Moodle access; proofs of payment of monthly fees; nor certificates of good standing.

They are NOT the responsibility of the Academic Secretary: 
  • Institutional student email.
  • Payment receipts of any type.
  • SIMAT withdrawal.
  • Access to Moodle.
  • Proof of payment of pensions or peace and safe.