Our Library was created with the arrival of the first German mission and its rector, Francisca Radke, in 1927. It was established in the current premises of the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional, in Calle 72.

In 1970, it moved to the current location on Calle 127, where the Instituto Pedagógico Nacional is located. In 2018, it was refurbished and adopted the motto “Open Library”, which means that access to the shelves is free, so users can compare the contents and select the most suitable for their information needs. It also has different rooms and computers with Internet access.

The library is named after Inés Elvira Castaño Silva, in honor of the former director of the Institute, who held academic and professional positions of merit as a graduate in Educational Sciences at the UPN.


The mission of the School Library of the Instituto Pedagógico Nacional is to contribute through information services to the achievement of the objectives of our Institutional Educational Project (PEI), which is the promotion of a comprehensive development of the country.

Children´s room


A room freely accessible to elementary school students during breaks and lunchtime for consultation of children’s collections and didactic materials. One of the objectives is to support the reading and writing process in communities 1 and 2 through workshops led by the teachers of the Spanish Department, using the resources available (stories, games, and didactic materials.)

Consultation room

A space used for textbook consultation. It allows users to view materials stored in a collection with different knowledge domains, such as

  • 400-499 LANGUAGE:
    Spanish and Foreign Languages
    Algebra, Arithmetic, Topology, Trigonometry, Calculus, Probability, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Botany, and Zoology
  • 600-699 TECHNOLOGY:
    Including medicine
  • 700-799 ARTS:
    Including music and drawing
    Geography, travel, and biographies

General room

A room with ten PCs for the use only of academic subjects. Priority is given to students, especially during breaks and lunch. Users can consult the IPN online catalog where all the bibliographic material of the school library has been duly classified. Users can also access the materials of the UPN Central Library and satellite libraries.

General room

  • 000 – Computer Science, Information, and General Works
  • 100 – Philosophy and Psychology
  • 200 – Religion and Theology
  • 300 – Social Sciences<
  • 700 – Arts and Recreation
  • 800 – Literature

Newspaper Library

This room is a pleasant place to consult various academic materials, most of which are produced by UPN.

Literature room

This room is a closed room with bibliographic material, exclusively of Spanish and Portuguese literature. It can be used for conferences, classes, or workshops. It has a 60-inch television equipped with a sound bar and blue-ray.

Virtual room

This room contains the full collection of the reference room, i.e., atlases, thesaurus, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and documents. It also has a sophisticated projector that allows interaction with any type of presentation using digital pens or a touch system. Classes or presentations can be audio and video recorded. It is exclusive and must be booked in advance.

User´s rights and duties


  • Enjoy the bibliographic material lent and the other services, using the student card.
  • Receive respectful and courteous treatment by library staff.
  • Enjoy the collections: General, Literature, Reference, Children’s collection, Map Library and Newspaper Library in an appropriate environment.
  • Ask the library staff for the loan and to enter the relevant information system the books or materials borrowed and returned.
  • Actively participate in the improvement of services and collections by submitting suggestions and recommendations in writing to the Library Coordinator and receiving a response.


  • Leave their luggage in the lockers assigned and only enter the library with the necessary items.
  • Make appropriate use of bibliographic materials as well as furnishing and equipping.
  • Be attentive, courteous, and respectful with the library staff.
  • Show the school or UPN library card to access the different services.
  • Examine the material received on loan and immediately report to the library staff member in charge of the services if any damage detected. Otherwise, the user should assume the responsibility for them.

General rules

  • The entrance to the Library is on the left-hand side of the façade and it is compulsory to deposit luggage in the lockers on the same side of the entrance. Inside the library, users should only carry the necessary hand luggage, not suitcases, backpacks, or bags.
  • The exit is through the same entrance door. Users must pick up any bag or item left in the lockers. For security, there is a baseplate with a sound and light sensor that alerts users when any type of material is removed from the library.


  • Guidance for finding and retrieving manual or system-based information.
  • On-line consultation of the library catalog.
  • In-room loan for internal and external users of the bibliographic or didactic materials available.
  • Library loan: Home. Only for internal users according to the type of collection.
  • On-line renewal of the bibliographic material on loan.
  • ILL
  • Preparation of bibliographies on specific topics.
  • Internet service for internal users: Students may use the service during break and lunch periods, or during class hours, at the teacher’s request. Professors and training-teachers may use the service at times other than breaks and lunch. In any case, students are not allowed to consult pages other than for academic research.
  • Reservation of bibliographic material through the database.
  • Consultation of multimedia materials.
  • Teachers may use the rooms for consultation of bibliographic materials with their groups of students by booking. The library rooms should not be used as classrooms since they are not designed for that purpose.
  • Wi-Fi. The library has a router to provide Internet service to users in the different rooms.


  • Take the book you wish to borrow directly from the shelf.
  • Take the selected material to the reception desk or counter.
  • Show your document as a library user, i.e., student, teacher, or officer belonging to the IPN or UPN.
  • Fill out the loan form for the selected book, which will be provided by the staff member in charge.
  • Wait for the clerk to load the material into the Koha system, either to use in the room or to borrow to take home.
  • ROOM LENDING. At the end of the consultation, the material must be returned to the person in charge, and it is the user’s responsibility to ensure it is unloaded.
  • LIBRARY LENDING TO HOME. You may borrow materials with a maximum return period of eight (8) calendar days if you are a student, but fifteen (15) days for other users (faculty or staff).

Surveillance system

Our Library has a modern security system consisting of six cameras installed in each room, which help to control and maintain the library’s stock, preventing the loss of books and the improper behavior of users in each room.